At the Movies 2023

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Join us this September for At the Movies and explore how some of Hollywood’s biggest hits illustrate Biblical truth! Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


Big George Foreman | September 3

Let’s get ready to rumble!  Step in the ring and learn how to keep fighting when life knocks us down.


Jesus Revolution | September 10

“There’s an entire generation searching for God.” Spiritual revival swept through this nation in 1968, but does this quote still ring true today? If so, how can we help others find God? Come join us and find out!


Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade |
September 17

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and discover how to chase after fulfillment and life, instead of emptiness and loss.


Super Mario Bros. | September 24

Mama Mia! “Lets-a-go!” head underground and learn how to bring hope to a world in desperate need.