Biblically Correct


Increasingly, we are living in a nation where having faith is ok so long as you keep it to yourself. Some would say that God and politics don’t mix, but does that point of view align with Scripture? Join us for this series as we take a step back and examine foundational biblical principles that can guide us through the polarizing topic of politics.

Influencing Government for Good | Oct 9
Jon Rychener
Christians express many differing views when it comes to their relationship to government. Some argue that government should compel religion, while others say government should exclude religion. Some insist Christians should spend energy on evangelism, not politics. Let’s look at the Bible for perspective.

Discovering God’s Purpose for Government | Oct 16
Jon Rychener
Surprising as it may be, the Bible says a lot about government. Scripture teaches us the origin of government, the purpose of government, and the responsibilities of governmental rulers. Join us as we recover timeless principles from God’s Word concerning government.

Letting Our Bibles Guide Our Ballots | Oct 23
Nathan Rychener
Holding a biblical worldview impacts how we address almost every specific political issue. Before we cast our ballots, let’s seek to uncover what the Bible says about God, human beings, and his relationship to the world.

Standing in Faith while Walking in Obedience | Oct 30
Jon Rychener
When it comes to bringing about biblical change in government, it can be easy to rely on prayer alone. Yes, we should trust God and ask him to intervene, but God also calls us to initiate change. Let’s discover how to manage the tension between faith and action.