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Identify and remove barriers that are currently hindering your growth and enter the life you were made for. Freedom is the ability to respond fully to God out of whom He created and redeemed you to be. Unbiblical beliefs about oneself, ways of thinking, emotional wounds, and behavioral patterns can stand in the way of the life of freedom Jesus has made available to every believer.

Get Free

8 weeks
No childcare

The Get Free class provides a basis for seeking freedom and healing from physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Freedom Weekend

2 days
No childcare

After completing Get Free, you can experience the Freedom Weekend. The Freedom Weekend builds upon the teaching in Get Free, while covering more specific topics, including Healing of Memories, Mother and Father Wounds, Soul Ties, and Generational Curses. This event is designed to create a safe atmosphere for you, within a group setting, to experience God’s healing power by having an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit through live worship, teaching, and ministry exercises.

The Freedom Weekend takes place Friday evening and all day Saturday on the Peoria campus. It is not an overnight commitment. 

Freedom Topical Classes

8 weeks
No childcare

Freedom Topical Classes take the big-picture perspective established in Get Free and apply it to specific areas of struggle or need. Dive into topics, such as Warring for Freedom, Free to Set Boundaries, Free to be Intimate, and Freedom from Fear, and discuss them around your table.

Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry is a key component to experiencing freedom in your life. It helps you get to the core strongholds in your life and find inner healing for your brokenness.

Get Prayer

Make a one-hour appointment with prayer team members to call on God for any concerns in your life.

Small Groups

Learn about God, build each other up, and do life together. Find a community of people who can help and support you.

Life Help Staff

Life Help staff members are available by appointment to help you with short-term care through trying times.

Take a Freedom Class

View and register for upcoming Freedom classes.

Meet the Leader

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