Get Prayer Registration

We all have seasons when life gets complicated, confusing, or challenging. These are times when it is helpful to have someone come along side of you to encourage and pray for you.

By registering for a Get Prayer session, you will enjoy a safe environment in which two or more trained prayer team members will listen and pray for you or for someone you are concerned about.

Sign up below for a Get Prayer session.

What to Expect

  • Safe, loving atmosphere with a 2-3 person ministry team
  • Your need will be kept confidential.
  • The ministry team will ask you questions, invite Jesus to come into the situations, and pray.
  • This process might be repeated several times during your prayer session.
  • It is not uncommon for people to be emotional during this prayer time.

How to Prepare

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive the help, the love, and the healing that God desires to give you.
  • Activate your faith: God still heals!
  • Be willing to let go of any unforgiveness, bitterness or offense.
  • Sometimes fasting helps prepare you to receive from the Lord
  • Believe that God wants you to experience His touch. Trust Him with the outcome!
  • Expect to receive something good from God. He loves and deeply cares for you!
  • Lord, I open my heart to receive from you! Empower those who are ministering to me with their prayers to hear Your voice. Thank you for listening, loving, and giving me this opportunity to receive. In Jesus name, Amen.