Greatest Hits of Christmas

We all have our favorite Christmas classics. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “White Christmas” remind us that there is something special in the air. Before our favorite classics came out, the first Christmas had its own greatest hits. Join us as we journey back to Bethlehem and tune into the very first songs of the season.    


A Song of Trust (Mary’s Song) 
November 26

One of the first songs of Christmas came from a lowly teenage girl named Mary. She learned she would become the mother of the Messiah. Can you imagine the questions going through her mind? How? Why me? What impact will this have on my future? Despite the uncertainty, Mary trusted God. Join us as we explore Mary’s Song and learn how you can grow in your trust. 


A Song of Hope (Zechariah’s Song)
December 3

Christmas gift guides litter the internet as the holiday season approaches, featuring toys, electronics, clothing, and gadgets. Yet, one of the earliest Christmas songs focuses on a gift you won’t find in any gift guidehope. Let’s dig into another song and learn how you can have hope this Christmas! 


A Song of Joy (The Angel’s Song)
December 10

Happy Holidaysis a phrase you hear often as the season approaches. But for many, the holidays are anything but happy and can be marked with sadness, stress, and depression. How can you beat the Holiday blues? Come and join us as we dive into another song and learn how to find joy this Christmas! 


A Song of Faith (Simeon’s Song)
December 24

But you promised!” is often said to others when they go back on their word. This last song of Christmas teaches us that God always keeps his promises! Join us as we explore Simeon’s song and discover why you can have faith that God is a promise keeper.