I Have Decided

Each day, you make decisions that will impact your tomorrow. You will be faced with several of these decisions when it comes to Jesus, many of which will have far-reaching impacts on your life Join us for this series as we talk about four decisions God calls each of us to make! 


To Follow Jesus 
February 4

Each of us must decide what we will do with Jesus. Will you be a part of the crowd that admires him from afar? Or will you be part of the committed who live in obedience to him? In this message, Pastor Jon will challenge you to take your next step with Jesus.   

To Grow Spiritually
February 11

Giving your life to Jesus starts with one “yes”!But growing in your walk with Jesus involves saying “yes” every day.  In this message, Pastor Jon will discuss the importance of spiritual growth and how to make that happen in your life!


To Gather with Others
February 18

We can often forget that God is able to meet our needs in two ways: through a relationship with him and through relationships and community with others. This week, join Pastor Nathan to unpack the importance of God-honoring relationships.  


To Serve Others
February 25

God has given each of us gifts to build up others, such as wisdom, understanding, and discernment, to name a few. What are you doing with your gifts? In this message, Pastor Jon will teach you how to discover and deploy your gifts in service of others.