The Lost Stories

Stories—whether in a book, movie, or shared at the dinner table—we all love them. They grab our attention, elicit emotions, and teach us important truths. Jesus often used storytelling when he was teaching. The parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son are three of his most popular stories that share a common theme—something was lost that needed to be found. Finding lost things, and especially lost people, brings God great joy! Join us for this series and learn how these stories have meaning for us today, as we seek out and meet people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus.  


Recapturing the Finder’s Heart 

March 19

To partner with God in the search for the lost, we must understand his heart. Let’s unpack the famous story of the lost sheep and learn what it tells us about God and why it matters.  


Embracing a Finder’s Mindset

March 26

Becoming someone who pursues the lost requires a shift in our thinking. This week, we’ll dive into Jesus’ story about the lost coin and how to embrace a finder’s mindset.  


Demonstrating a Finder’s Attitude

April 2

Interacting with lost people can be difficult. We need to exemplify an attitude of love, while also speaking the truth. How do we strike the right balance? Let’s look at the story of the lost son and what it says about demonstrating a finder’s attitude.