Breaking Soul Ties

God has made humans in such a way that we can connect to each other in different ways. Like any good gift from God, this beautiful function can be misused to our detriment. One of the most common areas where our ability to connect is misused is in our sexuality.

God designed our sexuality to be shared only within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. This sexual relationship was designed for the union of a couple’s mind, body, emotions, and spirit (cf. Gen. 2:24; 1 Co. 6:16). Because of this design, any sexual connection, whether made in covenant or not, results in a union between the souls of those who have engaged in sexual activity together. This connection is what we refer to as a soul tie and it is not limited to intercourse alone, but can include any interaction that engages the sexual drives. Freedom from sexual sin often involves the added step of submitting this tie to the Lord to sever any unholy or unhealthy connections.


Father, I confess that I have engaged in a sexual connection with __________________ [name of person]. I confess this as sin and ask You to forgive me for my involvement in this behavior. I renounce the connection that was formed and ask You, heavenly Father, to sever any connection that was formed by this activity. Please restore to me any part of me that I have lost, and remove from me anything remaining from this connection. Right now, in Jesus Name, I command any unclean spirits attached to me to leave me and to go where Jesus sends you!


After praying this about every person the Lord brings to mind, thank Him and dedicate yourself to Him.


Lord, thank you for cleansing me of all these connections from my previous sexual experiences. I renounce all these uses of my body as an instrument of unrighteousness, and I admit to any willful participation. I choose now to present my eyes, mouth, mind, heart, hands, feet and sexual organs to You as instruments of righteousness (Rom. 6:14). I present my whole body to you as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable (Rom. 12:1). I choose to reserve the sexual use of my body for marriage only. I reject the lie that my body is dirty, unclean or in any way unacceptable to You as a result of my past sexual experiences. Lord, I thank You that You have totally cleansed me and forgiven me, and that You love me and accept me just the way I am. Therefore, I choose now to accept myself and my body as clean in your eyes. In Jesus Name, amen!