What if every chair at Northwoods represented a church planted around the world? It can happen when global pastors have access to the resources they need. Those funds come from you!

Fund a church plant

Join a crowd-funded church plant—or fully fund one on your own!

Spreading the Message of Hope

We believe that local churches can be the wellspring of hope in every community. To that end, by the year 2030, we will plant 20 regional churches in the United States—equipped by training from the Northwoods School of Ministry—and 3,000 churches around the world.

Our resources at work

Many Northwoods people have banded together to crowd-fund church plants. These resources support the pastor for one year after which the church is expected to be self-sufficient.

Your Dashboard

Visit your personalized church planting dashboard to see information about churches you have helped plant and pastors you help support.

Get More Information

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More About Missions

Northwoods also partners with a group of high-impact organizations around the world and right here at home. Find out more about them here.