Marriage Classes

Marriage is God’s creation, His design for us to experience relational intimacy and love that mirrors the love relationship Christ has with His followers.


Planning a wedding is such an exciting time of life and we love to help you experience the best God has for you in it! If you would like to know more about getting married at Northwoods, call the Life Help Ministries office at 309-243-2776 and have them send you our wedding packet. Then, check the Upcoming Events calendar at the bottom of this page to see when the next Marriage Prep course begins and sign up for it. When you receive the wedding packet, you will be given further directions for requesting a date and meeting with our wedding coordinator.

Marriage Prep

9 weeks
Childcare available

Engaged? Thinking about it? Get to know God’s plan for married couples! This class will provide a series of powerful marriage enrichment workshops for anyone who has a desire to invest in their relationship.

Marriage Matters

9 weeks
Childcare available

These powerful marriage enrichment classes are for anyone who has a desire to invest in their relationship. They will benefit couples who have a strong marriage and want to keep growing, couples who are feeling stuck and want to move ahead, newlyweds seeking to build a strong foundation, and even couples who are ready to call it quits. 

Read the Northwoods statement on marriage, gender, and sexuality here.

Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry is a key component to experiencing freedom in your life. It helps you get to the core strongholds in your life and find inner healing for your brokenness.

Get Prayer

Make a one-hour appointment with prayer team members to call on God for any concerns in your life.

Small Groups

Learn about God, build each other up, and do life together. Find a community of people who can help and support you.

Life Help Staff

Life Help staff members are available by appointment to help you with short-term care through trying times.

Upcoming Events

View upcoming marriage classes and other related events.

Meet the Team

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