Prayer for Cleansing & Dedicating Property

When it comes to personal property, (like a house, apartment, land, etc.) it is a good idea to cleanse it dedicate it to Jesus Christ, particularly when you have little information about its history or its occupants. Cleansing and dedicating the property through prayer is how any possible claims or influence of the enemy can be broken. This prayer will help give you language to use when cleansing and dedicating property to the Lord. Though the following prayer is an example for a home, simply use this prayer for whatever kind of property you are praying over and change the wording as you need to. It might also be appropriate to worship through the property and to anoint the doors with oil.


Father, thank you for the blessing and provision of this home. Thank you that you have given me authority to trample on every power of the enemy (Luke 10:19), authority to bind and loose (Matthew 16:19) and to release the atmosphere of heaven on earth (Matthew 6:10). Right now in Jesus name, I bring my home under my authority now, and under the authority of Jesus Christ. I take full authority over this home, in the name of Jesus Christ. The keys to this home have been given to me – authority has been given to me – and I take a total and complete authority over this entire home now, in Jesus’ name.

I renounce all ungodliness and all sinful activity that has ever taken place in this home or on this land, all the way back to Adam. I renounce the sin of all previous owners, renters, guests, and even the builder. Any curses or evil agreements ever made in or over this home I now declare broken, null, and void in the name and authority of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I also command every foul and unclean spirit to be bound now and to leave my home. I cancel every claim and right the enemy might have here, by the blood of Jesus Christ. I cleanse this home and everything in it with the blood of Christ.

I now consecrate and dedicate this home and the land it is on to the rule of Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God. I dedicate everything in and around this house to the Lord Jesus and claim that it is under his rule, protection, and blessing – every room, all the appliances, the structure and infrastructure, the water and the electricity.

Come, Holy Spirit. Come and fill every part of this home with the fullness of the kingdom of God, with your love, your peace, and your rest. Jesus, I ask that you would also send your angels to cleanse this home now, to establish your kingdom here, and to build a shield of protection around it. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord, I now proclaim that his home, land and everything in it is property of the Kingdom of God.

Adapted from Eldredge, “Moving Mountains”