Receiving the Fullness of the Holy Spirit

Though every born-again follower of Jesus has the Holy Spirit living on the inside of them (John 7:38-39; Romans 8:9), every believer is also commanded to continually go on being filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). In other words, there is always more of God for us to experience! And, we can be confident that the Father will release more as we continue to ask (Luke 11:13). If you are able, instead of just saying “amen” after this prayer, try to take some time to wait on the Lord and praise Him in faith for what He is doing. As you respond with praise, worship Jesus and simply allow the Holy Spirit to help you do so. 


Jesus, I thank you and praise you for your great love and faithfulness to me. Thank you Jesus for the great salvation you have given to me, that you have forgiven me of all my sins and brought me to the Father! Thank you Jesus that when I asked you into my life, you sent the Holy Spirit to live in me as a free and priceless Gift!

Lord, I repent of anything I have done to grieve, quench, or resist your Holy Spirit. Right now, I ask you Jesus to fill me with all the fullness of your Holy Spirit. Fill me to overflowing with your life, your love, and your power Jesus. Release out of me your grace, your words, your goodness and your gifts to everyone I come across. Fill me afresh with power from on high so I can be your witness to the world, loving you and serving you in the way you want me to! I open all of myself to you, to receive all of yourself in me. I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice in praise to you. I welcome your mighty power, your gifts, your heart, and your miracles to be manifested in me for your glory and your praise!

Adapted from Hayford, “The Beauty of Spiritual Language”