Connections Bookstore

Find the resources you want and need.

Do you find yourself leaving a sermon or class craving more information? Is the Holy Spirit leading you into further study? The Connections Bookstore has the material to guide you in the right direction.


Explore various Bible translations available for all of your study needs, whether it’s for church, a class, or your devotional time.


Find many different books—including Pastor Cal’s favorites—to lead you deeper into your spiritual journey. 


Bring the music we sing on the weekends home with you and enjoy worship music sung by the original artists wherever you are!


Discover other resources, like journals and notebooks, to make your walk with Jesus more fruitful, fun, and fulfilling.


Start a Gospel conversation when you're sporting cool Northwoods apparel, coffee mugs, and other items.

If you’re looking for something but can’t find it, talk to a bookstore volunteer about a special order. Whether you hear about something in a sermon or in a passing conversation, you can be confident that the bookstore will do its best to try to get it for you!


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