Creative Communications

Giving God our best through worship, production, and communication

Creative Communications at Northwoods encompasses the music, technical, production, media, and communications teams. These teams work together to create an excellent worship experience on all of our campuses that honors God and draws people closer to Him.

Music Team

Music is a powerful and important expression of worship. One of Northwoods' values is "empowered people," and we want to empower individuals to experience the Holy Spirit and honor God through music.

Production and Technical Team

Whether it is through audio, video, stage design, or lighting, our production and technical teams strive to bring our very best because God deserves our best! These teams work together to create an environment that brings glory to God and invites people to experience the Holy Spirit. 

Media Team

The media team utilizes talents and abilities—like operating cameras, running lyrics and presentations, and creating and editing videos—to help people connect with God through video in the broadcast auditorium at the Peoria Campus, on any Northwoods campus, and online.

Communications Team

The communications team's essential purpose is to inspire and inform through the combination of words and images. Communications encompasses a wide span of aptitudes and interest, including print, web, social media, advertising, and more!

Serve in Creative Communications

There are spots to volunteer on all of these teams! Check out the Opportunities Finder to find a place to serve.

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