Where the hearts of kids connect with the heart of Jesus.

Each weekend children experience safe, age-appropriate environments where God’s Word is taught in a creative and relevant way. Our desire is for kids to know God loves them, has provided a path for relationship through Jesus, and has sent the Holy Spirit to empower them.

Come join us this weekend in Discoveryland on any of our campuses. Your family will have fun and experience a community where kids meet Jesus.

Children's ministry will be restarted on a campus-by-campus basis. We put a very high value on Discoveryland, but, as our Children’s Ministry Pastor Candace Wyne puts it, “As always, we want kids to learn about God and have fun in a safe environment. Social distancing will make that difficult.” Until we can provide an environment that safely meets expectations, we will encourage families to do two things:

  • Sit together in the auditorium for worship and teaching
  • Participate in the Discoveryland online services

We will continue to research and prepare as we watch for the best time to phase in children’s and student ministry.


Watch Discoveryland Online

Discoveryland services are now available on demand at!

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What We Value

God's Love

The primary objective of Discoveryland is to ensure your child gains a clear understanding of God’s love for him or her and to begin to experience his presence in their lives. A variety of creative, engaging Bible stories and related activities are provided to help your child understand they are loved by God.  But, beyond merely learning about God we also expect the Holy Spirit will unite with the child’s spirit enhancing their relationship with the Him.

Age-Tailored Music, Activities, and Stories

Learning occurs in different ways at different ages. We are intentional about designing the Discoveryland experience appropriately for your child’s age group. Your child will be delighted by songs they can sing with movement to engage and enhance memory. A variety of age-related activities, crafts and games are offered each weekend which most children find stimulating. Stories from the Bible are carefully tuned to communicate and be readily understood by each age group in Discoveryland.

A Safe Environment

Our volunteers and staff are carefully screened and trained via interviews and background checks. We also make sure that your child’s name badge is matched to your parent badge before they can be released from their classroom. As an extra measure of safety, all areas in Discoveryland are monitored by trained volunteers.


We think about Discoveryland from a child’s perspective and develop the entire experience to make it the best hour of the week. In Discoveryland we find fun to be the initial engagement element for our children.  When a child is enjoying themselves in a creative and engaging time, they are much more likely to learn and retain.  We frequently hear about children asking their parents through the week if today is the day they get to go to Discoveryland.

Your First Visit

Large green arrows will point you to Guest Services at the entrance to Discoveryland. There, we will meet your family, guide you through the registration process, and personally escort you to your child’s classroom. We will ask you for the following information: child’s name, parent/guardian’s name, and any special instructions for your child (allergies, etc.).

What age of children attend Discoveryland?

  • Chillicothe offers Discoveryland for children birth - age 3 at the 11am service.
  • Canton offers Discoveryland for Children birth - grade 5 during the 11am service.
  • Peoria offers Discoveryland for children birth - grade 4 and Quest is offered for fifth and sixth graders during the 9am and 11am services. 

How do I check in?

You and your child will receive badges with a corresponding pager number and security number. Your child will need to wear the name tag while in Discoveryland and you will keep the corresponding parent tag. The parent tag is your identification to enter the children’s area and for your child to be released to you after the service. If you lose your parent tag, go directly to Guest Services and show a photo ID.

For the safety of your child, only parents, guardians, or adult family members are permitted to pick up a child from their classroom.  Your parent badge will be matched with your child’s name badge by authorized Discoveryland personnel just prior to releasing your child to you

Video Nursery

All of our campuses offer a “moms only” area for mothers to care and nurture their babies. On most campuses, this area is supported with a video feed of the service. We don’t want moms to miss out as they care for their little one.

Family Resources

When returning home after Discoveryland we encourage you to ask a couple of questions, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn about God?” Nothing pleases us more to hear your kids loved Discoveryland and can share with you the one big idea they learned.

Click here to access more resources for families!

Discoveryland To Go

It's all the fun of Discoveryland... IN A BOX!

Whether your family is attending on a campus, Discoveryland Online, or if you haven’t made it back yet—these boxes are for you! Each month, your family can get a box filled with activities and fun stuff that go right along with our lessons in Discoveryland. AND you don’t have to worry about any of it—everything you need comes right in the box and your kids can even do most of it by themselves!

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September 28, 2021 | 6:30pm
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