Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Once a month, the Northwoods family comes together to celebrate Communion—the act of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice to pay for our sins.

What is communion?

Communion started with Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper in Luke 22. During His last meal with His disciples, Jesus took bread and wine, blessed it, then gave it to His disciples, and told them to do the same thing in remembrance of Him. It is a symbolic act – bread, to signify Jesus’ body broken for us, and grape juice, to signify his blood spilled for our sins.

Why do we take communion?

We take communion because Jesus instructed us to and as a way of remembering and celebrating what He did for us. 1 Corinthians 11:26 tells us that as often as we eat of the bread and drink the cup, we proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes again. Communion causes us to slow down, reflect on what Christ did, and thank Him for it.

How do we take communion?

Communion as practiced at Northwoods happens once a month during our regular service times, usually on the first weekend of each month. A pastor will lead and direct us during the time for communion. Ushers will pass trays with bread and juice for each person you to take. For our online attendees, we will remind you so that you can be prepared with your own elements. Unless otherwise instructed, we ask that you hold onto the elements until everyone has been served so we can take communion together as a church.

On the Peoria Campus, we also offer self-serve communion every weekend in the Chapel for those who would like a quiet moment alone with the Lord. The Chapel is open 30 minutes before weekend services and for about 15 minutes after services.


Baptism in water is the next step for anyone who has decided to follow Jesus. It’s a public profession of your faith. It’s a milestone moment on your faith journey, and here at Northwoods it’s a major celebration!

What is baptism?

In the first century the term baptism meant “identification.” In fact the term was used of a clothier in ancient days. When he took a white garment and dipped it into a scarlet dye, he was said to have “baptized” the garment. Baptizo was the term used when he “changed its identity.”

Baptism, as practiced here at Northwoods Community Church, is a public declaration, saying: I belong to Jesus Christ. I identify with His death for me. And by being raised from the water, I identify with a new kind of life that I could never live on my own. By His power I will be able to experience new life. I’ve been born again. Baptism is the outward profession of your inward decision to follow Jesus!

Why should I get baptized?

When we give up control of our lives to Jesus Christ, it is a personal act on our part. While baptism isn’t essential for salvation, it announces publicly to everyone that we have surrendered to a new authority in our lives and are now identified as a Christ follower—we want everyone to know.

What should I wear, if I'm getting baptized?

Dark shirt and dark shorts are best.  However, we ALWAYS have clothing available!

What time should I be there to get baptized?

We hold baptisms three times per year. You can see upcoming baptism dates on our calendar. Baptism is at the end of each service. At about 10 minutes before the normal service ending time, Pastor Cal will invite those wishing to be baptized to the front of the auditorium.

What if I have a medical condition that makes me avoid having water in my ears?

We always have carafes of water available for non-immersion needs.

Do I have to register for baptism?

Registration is recommended so that we can get a count of about how many people will be baptized and to make sure that you have the best experience possible! However, it is not required. You will be asked to provide more complete information when you are baptized in order to receive a baptism certificate.