I got really angry at God.

Tiffiny was never opposed to Christianity; it’s just that no one had ever invited her in. That changed several years ago when someone handed her a ticket to the Northwoods Christmas production. While enjoying the program, Tiffiny heard Pastor Cal talk about Jesus and was intrigued enough to start attending Northwoods regularly.

She soon found herself volunteering in Discoveryland, the children’s ministry, and in 2010 was baptized at the church. She was growing closer to God, and her life seemed to be heading in the right direction. A year after she was baptized, however, her marriage fell apart, and her world came crashing down.

“I felt I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing,” Tiffany
admitted. “So, I got really angry at God.”

For the next two years, Tiffiny couldn’t be found at church. It was a
very difficult time in her life. It took her two years to slowly heal from the broken marriage. She learned to forgive the people who had hurt her, and she began to pursue God again. She started attending Northwoods
Chillicothe Campus.

“Even in the horrible times, I knew deep down I would go back to church someday,” she said.

She stepped slowly back into serving, eventually leading small study groups, helping provide meals for Alpha class, and even volunteering at the campus bookstore. She has now made the transition into vocational ministry as a full-time member of the Northwoods staff working in human resources.

“The way I see the world and other people is so different than it used to
be,” she said excitedly. “All because somebody took the time to invite me
to that show.”