Weekend Messages


Wide Awake

You can change the world, but not if you’re sleeping.

Many times in the Bible, God brings entire nations back together and releases great waves of renewal, blessing, and unity — in response to the fervent pursuit of revival by individual people. Is now such a time for us? Let’s open our eyes, wake up, make things better.

Wake Up Call | June 28
It’s only when we wake up that we realize we were asleep.

Examine Your Priorities | July 5
Are we allowing competing priorities to lull us into spiritual slumber?

Take the Low Road | July 12
Pride prevents us from knowing the abundant life Jesus promised.

Pray Like You Mean It | July 19
Prayer is not an option for those who want to be wide awake spiritually.

Chase After God | July 26
To live wide awake requires us to commit our whole heart to God.

Turn Completely Around | August 2
Turn from sin and keep walking toward God.

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