Weekend Messages


It Would Be Impossible

No person or situation is beyond the help of our miracle-working God who can do what seems impossible!

It would be impossible...to change my life | September 6
Be inspired by the powerful story of a young man raised Muslim and raised to become an imam and apologist for Islam. Through a series of remarkable events and experiences, his path forward took an impossible turn toward Jesus! 

It would be impossible...to heal my hurt | September 13
God can bring healing into seemingly impossible situations. We do what we can do, and He does what we can’t!

It would be impossible...to overcome my hang-ups | September 20
God can uncover the roots of addictions and life-controlling habits, and He can unlock the chains that seemed impossible to escape!

It would be impossible...to make my life count | September 27
We can discover the ways God empowers and equips us as His “Mission: Impossible” team, bringing hope to the world and joy to our hearts!

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