Beating the Holiday Blues

It’s important to remember that Christmastime can bring not only great expectations of happiness and memory-making but also painful memories and heartache. So, let’s embrace the opportunity to enfold one another into our joy and celebration this year!

The Blues of Dysfunctional Families

November 24–25 | Mary and Joseph were welcomed on their return to their hometown with a warm room in a nice house. No, wait! Actually, they were instead sent out back with the animals. From their story, let’s learn how to deal with rejection by those close to us.

The Blues of Spiritual Fog

December 1–2 | How do you stay faithful to God when it feels like he’s let you down? How do you obey him when it feels like his way makes no sense? Let’s learn how to walk in faith through things we don’t understand and which may be really difficult.

The Blues of Emotional Fractures

December 8–9 | The joy of the first Christmas also led to great pain and suffering. How do we process our sadness and losses in light of the joy of Christmas? Let’s learn some important practices that will sustain us through troubling times.

Lose the Blues!

December 15–16 | How do we keep pain from sabotaging our Christmas celebrations? How can we still celebrate, even though at times it may be through tears? Let’s learn to pursue principles that will help us leave the holiday blues behind.



It's Launch Time!

Let’s fuel up through prayer and fasting and go beyond merely asking God to answer some of our prayers or solve some of our problems. Yes, he will do this and delights to do this, but his plans and dreams for us are so much bigger! Together, let’s wrap our hearts around the big things he wants to launch us toward.

Going to New Levels in the New Year!

December 29–30 | Gather friends and family in your home for an inspiring look at the potential for joy and transformation just around the corner with the coming of the new year.

Online services ONLY at 6pm on Saturday and 9 & 11am on Sunday at northwoods.online.

New Levels of Faith!

January 5–6 | We can be believers and followers of Christ, and yet be bound by unbelief in so many areas of our lives. God wants to break that yoke of unbelief in your life and enable you to walk in the impossible.

New Levels of Freedom!

January 12–13 | Many believers ask God for forgiveness but are not walking in freedom. Still bound by hurts, habits, and hang-ups, they believe the enemy’s lie that broken, weak human beings can’t expect more than that.

New Levels of Friendship!

January 19–20 | God calls us all to walk in deeper levels of love. Obviously, anyone can love those who are easy to love— but God wants us to practice new levels of love in situations where love is not the easy choice.

New Levels of Fulfillment!

January 26–27 | God wants us to know true joy and fulfillment in our lives, and he will show us the path to uncover it.

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