Weekend Messages


Hope Lives Here

Start 2021 with 21-days of prayer and fasting as we focus on the hope Jesus offers to everyone as we journey through our broken world. Revealing a new church logo and tagline, this series will help us all be able to declare that, wherever we are, hope lives here!

Get your hopes up | January 3
Even though problems like to follow us through life, God’s promises go before us as an anchor for hope.

Finding hope for your fears | January 10
Walk true to your values and walk in hope—even when you’re surrounded by fear.

Finding hope for your failures | January 17
God’s grace gives us hope even when we’ve made mistakes.

Finding hope for your future | January 24
When past and present weigh heavily on us, how do we endure and find hope for the future?

Baptism Sunday | January 31
Point to your heart and declare, “Hope lives here!”

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