Weekend Messages


Unhappily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far-away, a prince married a princess, and they lived happily ever after...for a while. The prince became lazy. And the princess—a total nag! Soon, happiness felt like a distant dream. But if we follow God’s plan for marriage, it doesn’t have to be unhappily ever after.

From Fairytale to Reality | February 8–9
Happily ever after doesn’t only happen in imaginary relationships, it can exist in marriage! If we want happily ever after to become our reality, we must do marriage God’s way. Let’s take a lesson from Adam and Eve, the very first couple, and learn how happily ever after can become our own reality.

Pure Desire Weekend | February 15–16
This Valentine's Day, we're excited to partner with Pure Desire Ministries to provide teaching and training for living a life of healthy sexuality. Pure Desire exists to provide hope and freedom from sexual addiction. They are leading the way in the battle for integrity and purity in the church.

Making It Ever After | February 22–23
We can all experience “happily ever after” in our marriages. But succeeding hinges on ruthlessly eradicating sin from our lives and relationships. Adam and Eve had a very healthy relationship until sin entered the picture. Sin hindered their ability to be open with one another and eventually brought about death. Let’s learn why we must remove sin from our lives in order to live in the freedom of happily ever after.

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