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Made for Mondays

Most of us would much rather be sitting poolside, sipping a cool lemonade or otherwise relaxing, than clocking hours in the workplace. Our dreams are usually for a life of leisure, not a life of hard work. Does such a life of work-avoidance truly bring fulfillment? What does God have to say about work? Let’s dig into the Word and discover that we have more to offer on Monday than we might have thought.

Extraordinary Ordinary Work| September 5
Working in the marketplace, school, and home can be very rewarding, but sometimes it can be hard to see how our work connects to God’s purposes. Some of us have come to believe that our work doesn’t really matter to God’s Kingdom unless we are a pastor or missionary or similar. Is that what God thinks? Does being a homemaker, mechanic, teacher, or engineer have real kingdom value? Let’s explore how our work connects to God’s grand purposes.

Work & Peace | September 12
Work and anxiety seem to team up far too often. We can be anxious about impressing the new boss, anxious about closing the next sale, anxious about meeting the next deadline, and so on. In fact, we’re so anxious that even when we’re not at work, we’re worried about work. Is it even possible to experience peace and work at the same time? God says it is, so let’s listen up.

The Problem of Gain | September 19
The American Dream is anchored by the prospect of working to earn money to build a comfortable lifestyle—but is this God’s dream for our lives? Some say God wants us to take a vow of poverty while others say he expects his followers to be wealthy. So, what in fact does God say about our lifestyle choices? Let’s find out how we can use the income our work brings to lead a lifestyle that pleases God.

Confronting Challenges at Work | September 26
Our country is moving further away from biblical values, and our workplaces continue to grow darker. As Christians, we need to be prepared to be light that pushes back the dark. Do we ignore the dark, confront it, or something in between? Let’s we will explore how we should respond when we encounter evil and sin in the workplace.

10 Keys

Ten Keys to the Life You Always Wanted

Remove the rules of the road and travel becomes an accident waiting to happen. Eliminate the rules and boundaries from a sporting event and the game becomes an impossibility. Ignore the laws of life and living becomes a nightmare! The rules were designed to provide both meaning and protection. In giving us the Ten Commandments, God provided rules that will lead to success in life and relationships.

Put First Things First | October 3
Working To discover the meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that God wants us to know in life, we first have to be rightly related to him—the one who designed life and who knows what makes it work. Let’s learn how to develop a “first things first” lifestyle!

Watch What You Worship | October 10
Idols aren’t necessarily material things made by human hands. Other things can become idols in our lives when give more of ourselves to them than to God! Our desires, interests, work, and even ministry can become idols of the heart. Let’s learn the key to taking down idols!

Take God Seriously | October 17
Our love and respect for anyone is revealed by how we use their name or speak about them when they are not in our presence. The same is true in our relationship with God: if we say we love him and then trash his name, our words reveal the truth. Let’s discover what we can do to take God’s name seriously!

Make Time for Sabbath | October 24
God created us to be more than work machines. He knows that—for us to retain our vitality in life—we must observe rhythms of renewal. He built those rhythms right into the fabric of our weekly routines. Let’s pause to ponder why we are to set aside a special day.

Make Peace with Your Parents | October 31
Generally, our lives are only as healthy as our relationships—especially relationships with our family, beginning with our parents. We will not know God’s blessings if we refuse to honor our fathers and mothers. That does not mean approving of their wrong actions or choices, endorsing their sin, ignoring the pain they may have caused, or refusing to establish healthy boundaries. So, what does it mean?

Special Guest | November 7
More information to come

Practice Positive Conflict Resolution | November 14
Jesus teaches us that murder runs far deeper than the prohibition against physical homicide. We can carry around a heart of ill will towards others that can be just as lethal. Let’s discover how to deal with our offended hearts in ways that lead to health.

Diffuse Sexual Temptation | November 21
More than any other way, sexual brokenness makes messy lives. Refusing to deal with submit to God’s guidelines for healthy sexual relationships is a fast lane moving away from the life God intends for us. Let’s clarify God’s standard for holy sexuality and consider how to pursue healthy sexuality in our lives.

Respect the Possessions of Others | November 28
Outright stealing from one another: we know that’s wrong. Are there more subtle moves, though, that go less-noticed yet amount to the same sin? Fudging the taxes, sharing the Netflix password, sneaking a free fountain soda: small or significant, it’s still stealing. How do we protect ourselves from playing that dangerous game?

Tell the Whole Truth...and Nothing But | December 5
Life becomes a disaster when we can no longer trust the people around us to tell us the truth—be they elected officials, medical personnel, religious leaders, or personal friends. Truth is foundational to our integrity and character, to relational trust, and to societal justice.  Without truth, we lose the very fabric that holds relationships together. And of all people, God’s people should be known as people of truth.

Learn to Want What You Have | December 12
How can we want what we have when we’re busy wanting what everyone else has? Fulfillment in life is interwoven with learning to be content with what we have. So, let’s learn together how to cultivate contented hearts.

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