It's a Whole New Season

God is a God of new seasons. Built right into the fabric of creation is the changing of the seasons. We all need new seasons, and each new season brings its own purposes and rewards—and fresh challenges. Let’s look at some of blessings that can come to our lives as we cooperate with God in this new season. 

Get Right with God

September 1 | with special guest Brian Bosworth | Discover that new seasons can begin in our lives when we finally and fully surrender to God. When we quit trying to run things ourselves and yield our lives to him, we become new creations: the old has gone and the new has come!

Note: There is not a Saturday night service in Peoria or Online on August 31.

Get Over your Goofs

September 7-8 | Every new season is a chance to start over. Whether in sports or in life, what happened last season is irrelevant. God’s grace helps us get over our goofs. A new season can begin when we respond appropriately to failure. 

Get On with your Growth

September 14-15 | New seasons bring new opportunities for growth. If we expect great things from God, then we need to focus on our routines and on our obedience to him. What you’ve gone through doesn’t disqualify you. Yes, you need God’s help, but don’t expect his miraculous power to be a substitute for your work! 

Get Back in the Game

September 21-22 | It was just 52 days from the night Peter denied Christ to the day of Pentecost when he preached a message and saw 3,000 people come to Christ. Wow! Think of what he would have missed if he stayed on the sidelines. It’s time to elevate and embrace our part in God’s workWthe Church are called to share our voices, our gifts, our service, our resources, and our involvement. 



Five Things God Wants to Know

God asks us critical questions to help us think about and reflect on our relationship with him.  

Where are you?

September 28-29 | The voice of shame causes us to run and hide from God. But he calls to us because he wants to take our shame and release his grace in our lives.

Why are you so afraid?

October 5-6 | Even though we know Jesus and have the Holy Spirit with us, it’s all too common that we become fearful. Let’s learn how to turn our fears into faith.

What do you want me to do for you?

October 12-13 | God knows what we need, but he wants us to ask so that we are clear about what we believe. His grace and power work the miracle, but our faith moves his heart.

Why do you call me "Lord, Lord"?

October 19-20 | Our obedience to Jesus is the evidence of our faith and the foundation for a life that can withstand the storms.

Who do you say I am?

October 26-27 | The correct answer to this question is the key to having not only an eternal life in heave but also an abudnant life of freedom here on earth.

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