Weekend Messages


The Blessed Year

A journey through Psalm 119 to discover God’s Word and how it can guide our lives

As we head into the New Year, many of us are quick to start crafting resolutions and goals that will help bring positive change and happiness to our lives. We often set goals related to leading a healthy lifestyle, getting our grades up, managing our money better, or perhaps learning a new talent. While those are all worthwhile goals, if God and his Word aren’t the foundation upon which our lives are built, no resolution, change, or goal will bring true lasting happiness.

Walk in Obedience | January 2
Sometimes it’s hard to see how blessing and obedience are connected. We tend to think happiness is connected to doing what we want, when we want, and how we want. But the Psalmist shows us that blessing flows out of obedience to God and his Word. Let’s explore not only what it means to be blessed, but also how to be blessed through obedience.

Make God Your Portion | January 9
Much of our lives are spent trying to add to what we already have. We think more money, a better house, a nicer car, or any other numbers of things will make us happy. But the Psalmist declared, “You are my portion, O Lord.” In essence saying, “In you, Lord, is everything I will ever need.” Let’s discover how to make God our portion.

Live with Conviction | January 16
Some believe that happiness and joy are byproducts of keeping one’s options open and not committing too deeply. Why commit when there might be something better out there? In Psalm 119, however, we find that those who are blessed have a single aim and focus in life—living with conviction.

Pursue God's Power | January 23
All of us go through times when we become aware of our shortcomings. Maybe we lack a particular skill, or struggle with finances, or have broken relationships. Everyone feels like they’re missing something in some area of life. The Psalmist shows us, though, that with God, we lack nothing. Let’s uncover how God supplies for our every need.


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Baptism Sunday: January 2022

Baptism Sunday | January 30
Baptism in water is your bold proclamation to the witnesses that you are committing to follow the way of Jesus. It symbolizes our association the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ—through which we can be restored to relationship with God and released into a life of complete freedom.


Hope for Your Home

The home is the lifeblood of our nation. It’s been said that a nation will only be as strong as its families and homes. In fact, crumbling home lives are a sure sign of a crumbling culture and nation. Problems that are inevitable in every home, though, don’t have to go unchecked. God’s Word gives us instruction on how to solve our problems, leaving us with hope for our homes!

Hope for Your Worry Problems | February 6
Even though we know worrying won’t change anything, we still do it. We worry about finances. Worry about work. Worry about our kids. Worry about our health. Worry has become such a part of life that we begin to assume it’s normal. The Bible makes the case, however, that we don’t need to worry and get stressed out about these things. Let’s discover how to build our lives and homes on a foundation of faith instead of worry.

Hope for Your Anger Problems | February 13 | Special Guests Kristin & Danny
In every family and home, anger and conflict are inevitable. One expert described anger as a “toxic waste” that is the most destructive force in a family. For this reason, we must learn the skills to deal with our anger in a biblical way and ensure that our marriages, families, and homes remain healthy. Join us as social media stars Kristin & Danny take a humorous and heart-warming angle on anger.

Hope for Your Parenting Problems | February 20
The arrival of children in our lives can bring great joy and happiness. Children help turn marriages into families and houses into homes. All parents know, though, that children can come with both blessings and challenges. Our job is to learn how to raise our children successfully at the same time we maintain a healthy and strong marriage.

Hope for Homes Everywhere | February 27 | Special Guest Phillip Murdoch
Hope seems to be running in short supply in our country and around the world. Now more than ever, the world needs all that the church has to offer. Join us as special guest Phillip Murdoch—leader of Surge Project in Brazil—shares about the hope that can grow in homes everywhere when churches are planted nearby.

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