Love One Another

Almost all of us would agree that loving one another is the way to go. The problem is that few of us can agree on what love actually looks like. Thankfully, God’s Word has not left us without answers. Join us for this new message series as we unpack what Jesus meant when he said, “Love one another.”

Learn to Love One Another

February 9–10 | It’s essential to understand why Jesus told his followers to love one another.

Share God's Kindness

February 16–17 | Let’s learn how to show kindness and compassion to one another.

Instill Courage

February 23–24 | God has much to teach us about how to be great encouragers for one another.

Tell the Truth

March 2–3 | Discover why we must always, only, tell the truth to one another.

Lighten the Load

March 9–10 | How do we help one another through life’s seasons of hurt and struggle?




Win the battle against fear, panic, and worry

Fear. Panic. Worry. You’re not alone when you’re feeling these things. Even Scripture is filled with stories of people feeling overwhelmed at times. Let’s take a look at the life of an ancient king who felt overwhelmed but learned how to overcome!

Faith Over Fear

March 16–17 | Despite his fear in the face of impending crisis, Jehoshaphat sought the Lord.

Prayer Over Panic

March 23–24 | The natural response to the threat of disaster could be panic, but Jehoshaphat turned to prayer.

Worship Over Worry

March 30–31 | Even in the midst of battle, Jehoshaphat’s people praised God for the promise of victory.

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