Weekend Messages



Clear answers to challenging questions about the Christian faith

Followers of Jesus can be ready to respond in loving and sensible ways when skeptics and seekers raise issues and ask questions about the claims of Christianity.

How can you say there is one true faith?  | February 28 
This seems to be the greatest offense Christianity commits. Aren’t all religions subjective and so equally true? Not if you know history and logic.

How can a loving God allow so much suffering? | March 7 
If God is all-powerful yet allows suffering, then he must not be good. Or, if he is good yet suffering exists, then he must not be all-powerful—or else he’d stop it.

How could a loving God send people to Hell?  | March 14 
God’s love and judgement cannot be separated, nor can we absolve people of their moral responsibilities without erasing their ability to love.

Hasn’t science disproved the Bible? | March 21 
Scientific method can neither prove nor disprove theism, but we can explore evidence that demands to the possibility, even probability, of God.

How can you take the Bible literally? | March 28 
Both literal and figurative language can describe reality, and it is not inconsistent to read some texts as literal and others as metaphorical, particularly when the Bible itself tells us which is which.

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