Weekend Messages


Be Attitudes to a Blessed Life

Uncovering the keys to true happiness

Be Humble | October 4
An attitude of humility and dependency opens the door to blessing and power.

Be Contrite | October 11
Jesus wants us to develop a heart that is deeply sensitive to and deeply grieved by sin.

Be Gentle | October 18
Meekness is not weakness; it is power demonstrating restraint in the name of Jesus.

Be Hungry | October 25
God’s promise is that you will get what you’re after when you pursue His Kingdom first!

Be Merciful | November 1
We all know it’s easier to receive mercy and grace than to offer it when we’re hurt.

Be Genuine | November 8
Jesus wants us to be pure in heart and single-minded in our devotion to Him.

Be Unoffendable | November 15
We cannot be peacemakers if we take offense too easily.

Be Distinctive | November 22
Christ calls us to live a distinctive life marked not only by righteousness but also joy.

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