Weekend Messages


Next Gen Weekend 2022

Back to the Future | August 14
Jesus established the church to be a light to lead people to truth, salvation, and purpose. The youth of today are the future of the church. Let’s learn how to invest in the next generation, equipping them to carry on the work of the kingdom of God.

Baptism Sunday

Baptism Sunday 2022

Baptism Sunday | August 21
Baptism in water is your bold proclamation to the witnesses that you are committing to follow the way of Jesus. It symbolizes our association with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ—through which we can be restored to relationship with God and released into a life of complete freedom.

Baptism Sunday

Adult & Teen Challenge

Adult & Teen Challenge | August 28
Enjoy this special celebration of one of Central Illinois’ most successful ministries. Adult & Teen Challenge Peoria: Men’s Division depends on the power of Jesus Christ to rebuild lives, restore families, and renew hope where these have been shattered by addiction-related darkness.

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