Igreja Presbyteriana de Manaus, Brazil


Renato Clark & Tucker Brisbin

Tucker and I (Renato) were placed together that day on the prayer team on the medical boat in one of the villages we stop at. On the prayer team, we were able to pray for patients as they left the boat from receiving medical care. A couple of our patients were a little girl and her mother who had just been seen by the doctors.

As she sat in the chair next to us, she was hunched over and seemed to be in pain specially explaining pain in her stomach. We asked her how bad her pain was on a scale of zero to ten. She explained her pain as being the worst at a ten.

Tucker and I began to pray for healing for this lady’s stomach and what was causing the pain. Once we were done praying, we asked what her pain level was again. She said her pain was better but asked if we could continue praying for her. After the second time praying, she rated her pain of a five out of ten.

We began praying once more and this time when I started praying, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to cast out the spirit of heaviness. I had just recently been trained by Pastor Cal on deliverance through our Setting Captives Free weekend training a few months before. Like we were trained, I bound that spirit to not cause violence or to hurt her, and I commanded it to leave her in the name of Jesus, and it did! The moment I cast it out, her posture changed from being hunched over in pain to sitting up straighter. After we prayed for the third time, she explained with a smile that her pain was a zero out of ten. She had explained to us that she was a Christian and she knew she was a beloved Child of God.

This lady’s pain went from a ten out of ten to a zero out of ten after healing prayer. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and we never expected it to happen, but God worked powerfully through us to heal her and set her free from pain.