Ministry Shadowing Program

Discover your place in the work of the church!

God made each of us with a purpose in mind, and the Northwoods Ministry Shadowing Program can help you find yours.

What is ministry shadowing? Ministry Shadowing opportunities are one-time experience observing and working alongside an experienced ministry volunteer or church staff member in an area of interest to you. The process is simple.


Complete two free online assessments — Gifts Test and SHAPE Test — then email the results to the Student Life team.


Submit a program application which we will email to you after receiving your assessments.


Schedule an appointment with program leaders who will discuss opportunities with you.


Commit to a specific shadowing experience.

Discover how God has gifted you and where you can fit into the work of the kingdom. Whether you feel called to vocational ministry of simply desire to serve as a volunteer, the Northwoods Ministry Shadowing Program is your next step to new ministry adventures.

For Parents

Many studies show it to be common for students to drift away from church attendance and even from their faith as they transition from high school to college or to the workforce. We are confident, though, that awakening students’ innate, God-given purpose can increase not only commitment to the church but also faith, influence, and integrity.

The Northwoods Ministry Shadowing Program facilitates a fun and effective season of exploration for students, connecting them with peers on similar journeys as well as mentors to help them explore and experience Christian ministry in action. The spiritual assessments, formal application, and leader appointment serve to sharpen and focus the stirrings your student is feeling in his or her heart and hearing from the Holy Spirit.

Meet the Leader