Order of Service

Run Run Rudolph

Christmas Is

The Man with the Bag

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Something in the Air


I Wanna Hear the Angels Sing

Jingle Bell Rock – Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Here to Stay

Christmas Is Here

The Little Drummer Boy (Me + My Drum)



The Promise


Tell It

Cast & Crew

Producer / Director

Dawn Minch


Assistant Director

Bobbi Ulm


Technical Director

Kirk Moser


Music Director

Amy Sutton


Vocal Director

Tre Cooper


Band Directors

Josh Rivera
Matt Webb


Video Director

Jake Sutton


Assistant Video Director

Aaron Larson
Braden Smith
Rhonda Davis
Seth Potter


Audio Engineers

Jeremy Moser
Jimmy Bridgeman

Logan Archdale
Shawn Sullivan



Aaron Larson
Roger Potter


Stage Manager

Erika Thorson
Joy Grahm
Leigh Sibley
Susan Chave
Terry Evans


Flight Director

Bo Cox



Alexa Schroeder
Amy Petersen
Aria Rivera
Amy Sutton
Beau Landry
Bri Parkhill
Cal Rychener
Crystal Rivera
Hope Graves
Jacob Gibbs
Josh Rivera
Josiah Smith
Kirk Moser
Layla Fuller
Lee Black
Molly McNutt
Nathan Rychener
Reagan Lindgren

Tre Cooper



Amy Sutton
Garrett Anderson

Jeremy Conlee
Jeremy Moser
Josh Rivera
Matt Webb

Tim Thorson


Alex Milam
Braden Harshbarger
Embry Miller
Jackson Gilmore
Jonathan Lee
Matthew Bell

Nathan Lee



Rebecca Kinnary


Featured Dancer

Kasy Gibbs
Lily Hart


Hip Hop Dancer

Sam Mulligan



Abby Boyle
Abigail Conlee
Alyssa Taylor
Ava Osterman
Brynely Green
Cate Boley
Charlotte Allison
Clover Rogy
Ellie Harr
Grace Hoehne
Hailee Dozard
Izzy Buchanan
Margot McNutt
Melanie Watters
Molly McNutt
Paige Duke
Reagan Stevens
Sam Mulligan


Little Dancers

Alannah James
Aria Rivera

Aubrey James
Brynlee Moser
Davanee Miller

Eliana Brickner
Elizabeth Spencer
Ella Johnston
Ellie Brammer
Iris Anderson

Jolene Hanlin
Lila Sutton
Maysen McNutt
Millie Harr
Olivia Dozard
Sari Hancock
Zyana Anderson


Little Dancer Helpers

Katelyn Ballew
Kristin Brown
Tara Puterbaugh



Amelia Webel
Bella Archdale
Claire Hanlin
Lily Hart
Margot McNutt

McKinley Gilmore
Paige Duke

Reagan Stevens



Carrie Diehl
Erin Bell
Josh Diehl

Kasey Gibbs
Matthew Bell

Roger Eeten
Shelli Jarvis



Amy Brandel
Carleigh Saberton
Sabrina Wiesbrock
Sanson Lonergan


Tumblers & Trampoline

Avery Mowen
Nicholas Balk



Abe Mathison
Andrew Parmenter
Charley Mathison
Heather Moland
Jason Beavan
Jaxon Rademaker

Matt Layne
Matthew Peternell

Natalie Davis
Travis Conlee
Tristan Ratcliffe


 Flight Team

Adam Heinz
Ben Hamilton
Brody Evans

Brent Conn
Jason Gilmore
Jeff Evans
Ken Parkhill
Melinda Treadway
Rod Fitzpatrick
Suzanne Fitzpatrick


Set Artist

Doug Schermer


Set Team

Addie Beebe
Bre Turner

Jack Mathison
Jim Calvin
Kara Harr
Sam Bell


Build Team

Adam Heinz
Andy Meinert
Ben Hamilton
Brent Conn
Dan Archdale
Jeff Evans
Joe Schweigert
Sam Bell
Terry Evans

Tom Endress


Hair & Makeup

Lucy Puentes
Rylli Koener
Shauna Gilmore

Shelli Jarvis



Alice Moore
Izzy Ostergard
Suzanne Fitzpatrick



Katie Brammer



Ann Bond
Bre Turner

Gail Thorson
Heidi Smith
Kendra Fowler

Katie Brammer
Melissa Markley
Susanne Fitzpatrick

Tiffiny Conley


Marketing & Communication

Carrie Diehl
Conner Kastelein
Hope Graves


Online Recording

Jeremy Moser
Seth Potter



Dave Horst
Kayla Hallstrom
Marilyn Bierma

Megan Schreurs



Barrack’s Cater Inn


Fly House



Remote Control Drivers

Kaiden Cole
Sam Bell

Susan Chave


Administrative Support

Kris Segneri

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