What’s your first response when life gets tough Worry? Doubt? Yell? Panic? Too often, prayer is a last-ditch effort. But God calls us to make it our first response. Come and join us for this uplifting new series aimed at reigniting our passion for prayer!  


Becoming A Woman of Prayer (Mother’s Day)
May 12

Across the pages of Scripture, we see examples of women who partnered with God to change the course of history. This Mother’s Day, you’re invited to join us as we look at several women of prayer and discover how you can model your prayer life after theirs. 


Devoting Yourself to Prayer
May 19

Many people desire to deepen their prayer life, but the path to doing so can sometimes feel unclear. Questions abound: Where do I begin? How do I do it? What if I don’t feel like it? Join us as we turn to God’s Word and discover strategies for nurturing a life of prayer.


Experience Healing Through Prayer
May 26

There are few things as challenging as receiving a troubling health diagnosis. As you praise God for the expertise of doctors and medical procedures, you must also remember that God has provided us with a divine prescription found in his Word! 


Finding Peace Through Prayer
June 2

In the hustle and bustle of life, peace can feel elusive and out of reach. We yearn to break free from worry, fear, and panic but often don’t know how. Together, let’s discover the pathway to peace!


Lifting Others in Prayer
June 9

“I’ll be praying for you” is often a go-to saying, but how often do you follow through? Far too many well-intentioned promises to pray remain just that – promises. But what if, instead of just promising to pray, you practiced praying for others? Let’s learn how to become people who lift others up through prayer!   


Becoming a Man of Prayer (Father’s Day)
June 16

In a world full of challenges and uncertainty, the call to be a man of prayer resounds like never before! This Father’s Day, join us for this inspiring message that will challenge us as men to partner with God to make a difference in our families, homes, and cities through prayer.