Ready for Next

The finish is just the start

A message series and milestone celebration for
Founding Senior Pastor Calvin Rychener

Each generation has an opportunity to be a part of a fresh work of God. Each generation has a promised land to claim for the Kingdom. And each generation is ushered into the new era through transition from the previous generation. Join us for Cal Rychener’s final series as senior pastor as we celebrate what God has done, prepare for what’s next, and train to tackle transitions as a necessary part of the new things God has in store for each generation.


Watch the first Sunday
and reminisce with Cal

Hop on to, Roku, AppleTV, or any of our media  channels beginning at 7pm, Friday, March 25.


March 20

Single service in Peoria and Canton at 10am. Single service in Chillicothe at 11am.

March 27

Single service in Peoria at 10am. Canton and Chillicothe will attend in Peoria.


Special notices for parents

We expect to exceed capacity in Discoveryland on March 20 and March 27. Also, March 27 will be for birth - age three only. Parents may wish to consider alternatives.

  • The Student Center and Atrium will be available for overflow and may be a better environment for families with active children.
  • Northwoods will provide activity books and crayons available at the entry doors.
  • You are welcome to bring snacks and activities of your own: children’s Bible, notebooks, doll or stuffed animal, fidget toys, etc.
  • Tablets or phones can be helpful. Please mute or use headphones. (Could be a great time to stream Discoveryland Online!)
  • All the online options will be available these weekends for both children and adults.

Message Series


Embrace the New Day

A new church generation is ready to receive the baton and run the race. To set up success, the present generation must get the hand-off right! Let’s learn some key factors that will foster the fresh work ahead.


Cultivate Fresh Courage

Three times within just a couple of verses, God says to his people, “Be strong and very courageous.” In other words, don’t let fear win. It’s the most oft repeated command in the Bible: “Do not fear.” But how do we do it? Let’s learn how to find fresh courage for the challenges ahead.


Pursue the Presence

Sometimes we find ourselves waiting for God to do something, when, in fact, he is waiting for us—to do what he has already told us to do! The waters of our future won’t open until we step up and step in—to do the works God has planned for us. We will receive power from the Holy Spirit, and we will know the presence of God in our days.

Installation of Jon Rychener as Senior Pastor


Celebration for Cal Rychener

Don’t miss this extraordinary day! Let’s gather, remember, and celebrate the ministry impact of Founding Senior Pastor Calvin Rychener as he transitions into his next role in God’s Kingdom.

Single service in Peoria at 10am.

Canton and Chillicothe will attend in Peoria.

Transition Update

Watch this message from Pastor Cal, Pastor Jon, and Jeff Miller, chair of the Board of Elders.